Webcast Replay: Successful Long Term Incentive Plan Design

Webcast Replay: Successful Long Term Incentive Plan Design

December 12 2017

As organizations consider how best to use resources, “pay-for-performance” is an appealing mantra. Incentive compensation remains a powerful tool to motivate, manage and retain key executives.

As with all compensation programs, design considerations are critical when establishing a successful incentive plan. Among the most important and problematic tasks is determining appropriate performance metrics. The right metrics can provide focus, help strengthen the organization financially, and encourage desirable behaviors and outcomes.

In this session we will review:

  • Current long-term incentive trends and grant practices among the largest U.S. companies
  • Emerging and “best practice” long-term incentive plan design considerations
  • Prevalence and mix of long-term vehicles granted
  • Length of long-term incentive performance periods
  • Use of relative performance measures
  • Update on policy changes by shareholder advisory groups


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