Webcast Replay: Introduction to Executive Compensation

Webcast Replay: Introduction to Executive Compensation

July 1 2017

Are you new to the Executive Compensation management field? Do you want to ensure that you have the fundamental knowledge necessary to establish Executive Compensation plans that will help to attract, motivate and retain the talent necessary to achieve your corporate objectives?

In this session, Joseph Sorrentino and Steven Hall Jr. of Steven Hall & Partners review:

  • Base Salary – The fundamentals of base salary and the role it plays with Annual and Long Term Incentives
  • Annual Incentives – The use of Annual Incentives to drive performance and support the company’s long-term business plan/strategy
  • Long Term Incentives – The purpose/objectives of LTI along with the pros and cons of stock options/Time-vested restricted stock/Performance vested-shares
  • Other Benefits/Perquisites – Additional payment options for executives
  • Governance Policies – Share Ownership guidelines; Clawbacks; CEO Pay ratio; Pay for Performance disclosure; Hedging Policy

Establishing the right plans to incentivize your executives is critical for continued success. This session provides you with the introductory information that will help put you on the path to success.