ISS Releases Policy Survey for 2016 Proxy Season

ISS Releases Policy Survey for 2016 Proxy Season

August 4 2015

Earlier today, ISS launched its annual policy survey.  In this year’s survey, ISS is seeking input on two broad areas for U.S. companies: compensation and governance.  ISS plans to use the results of this survey to determine its 2016 benchmark voting policy.

These are the three compensation-related issues that ISS is seeking input on for U.S. companies:

  1. Adjusted performance metrics: How should non-GAAP or other adjusted performance metrics be viewed in a compensation performance metric, and what types of adjustments to reported or GAAP metrics are appropriate for compensation purposes?
  2. Director compensation: What types of equity compensation are appropriate for non-executive directors? Are performance shares or stock options appropriate for director compensation?
  3. Externally-managed issuers: How should ISS treat say-on-pay resolutions for externally-managed issuers where there is limited or no disclosure regarding executive compensation payments or practices?

The survey is open until September 4th at 5 P.M. Eastern, and you can reach it by clicking here.

We will send a client alert reporting the results of the survey once ISS publishes them.