Webcast: Nonprofit Effective Governance

Webcast: Nonprofit Effective Governance – Emerging Issues in Form 990 Reporting and Compensation in 2016

July 12 2016

July 25, 2016
3-5pm EST
SH&P Speaker: Sandra Pace

Increasing economic pressures within the nonprofit sector have raised the stakes for reputation risks and legal challenges. As tax-exempt organizations, nonprofits are required to file federal Form 990 and multistate charitable solicitation registrations and renewals. In order to continue serving the public by fulfilling their primary tax-exempt purposes, nonprofits should regularly update their compliance approaches to stay current with the requirements of federal and state regulators.

Key topics include:

  • Federal and State Statutory Framework
  • Form 990 Reporting and Executive Compensation – Legal Primer
  • Most Frequently Misinterpreted Sections of Form 990
  • Latest Issues and Recommended Best Practices
  • Emerging Risks
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