The 2016 Executive Compensation Conference

The 2016 Executive Compensation Conference

August 29 2016

November 1-2, 2016
New York, NY
SH&P Speakers: Steven Hall

The 2016 Executive Compensation Conference will be very interactive. We will address new and emerging executive compensation trends evidenced during the 2016 proxy season. These important developments will be discussed as well as how Compensation Committee members, CHROs and Total Rewards Professionals are addressing them and preparing for 2017.

The executive compensation environment continues to evolve and the benchmarked best practices continue to change. We will discuss how companies are responding to the new SEC rules, improved incentive designs to ensure greater pay for performance alignment and much better communication techniques as our investors are demanding enhanced disclosures.

Other topics for discussion will include:

  • Comparator Groups
  • AIP & LTI Plans
  • Benefits and Perquisites
  • Employment Agreements
  • Severance / CIC Provisions
  • CEO Pay Ratio
  • Governance Best Practices
  • How to Deal Effectively with Executive Compensation Committees
  • In Their Own Words: What Do Investors Really Want?
  • Effective Shareholder Engagement: The Corporate Perspective
  • Paying for Performance: How Do We Get It Right?

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