New York City Bar: Say on Pay in the Spotlight

New York City Bar: Say on Pay in the Spotlight

February 16 2011

February 16, 2011
New York, NY
SH&P Speaker:  Steven Hall

New York City Bar
Say on Pay in the Spotlight – 2011 Planning and Tactics
Thanks to Dodd-Frank, universal “Say-on-Pay” is finally taking center stage. All public companies will need to include both “Say on Pay” and “Say on Pay Frequency” resolutions in their 2011 proxy statements. Companies will want to understand how the new realities of the “Say on Pay” world are taking shape, as each considers how to best craft its approach and response. Decisions made in 2011 may well have ramifications for years to come. Our experienced panel of practitioners — including representatives from the institutional investor, proxy advisory, compensation consulting and corporate governance fields — will share their perspectives as we look at: Weighing the benefits of an annual “Say on Pay” vote against a bi-triennial regime; Up-to-date trends in recommendations and voting on “Say on Pay” frequency; The metrics institutional investors and proxy advisory services will be using in determining/recommending “Say on Pay” votes; How Boards of Compensation Committees should be preparing for the “Say on Pay”world, including their approaches to the CD&A and shareholder proposals; and The effect “Say on Pay”will have on the level of engagement between companies and the larger shareholders. This program is intended for those who practice in the corporate governance, board advisory, public company, executive compensation, and general corporate areas.