NACD NY: Risks vs. Rewards of Board Service: In Today's Environment…Is It Really Worth It?

NACD NY: Risks vs. Rewards of Board Service: In Today’s Environment…Is It Really Worth It?

December 10 2012

December 12, 2012
New York, NY
SH&P Speaker: Steven Hall

Risks vs. Rewards of Board Service: In Today’s Environment…Is It Really Worth It?

First the Risk…
From a D&O liability perspective, both the SEC and DOJ have recently bolstered their investigation efforts . . . but just how are companies being targeted?  With a record number of SEC enforcement actions (735) in 2011, the trend is expected to continue, boosted by a cross-border focus as the SEC/DOJ pursue collaboration with regulatory bodies abroad.   This is just one of many risks climbing the priority ladder for directors.

…And then the Reward
Over the last five years, the pay for the average director among the Top 200 Companies has increased by 22% to $250,000 in 2011.  This change reflects not only the general compensation increases observed among executives, but also the increased time requirements necessary to fulfill the role of directors in the current environment.  The elimination of meeting fees in favor of higher retainers, as well as, increased equity-based compensation and ownership requirements are also observed trends that have responded to changes in best governance practices.  While the combination of a perceived shortage of qualified directors and increased risks that directors face in the execution of their duties are generally not mentioned as drivers of higher pay, they have impacted the recruitment challenges and been reflected in compensation levels.

Please join us on December 12th when our panel of experts will discuss these trends, and the challenges and concerns directors face.

Allan Grafman, CEO, All Media Ventures; Chair, Majesco Entertainment
Steven E. Hall, Managing Director, Steven Hall & Partners
Mary R. (Nina) Henderson, Director, CNO Financial Group, Inc.
Joseph Spallone, Executive Vice President, Financial Lines, AIG

Location and Time

Concierge Conference Center
780 Third Avenue
Between 48th & 49th Streets
New York, NY

December 12, 2012
Noon to 2pm