CEP East Coast Symposium

CEP East Coast Symposium

July 12 2016

July 29, 2016
New Brunswick, NJ
SH&P Speaker: Joseph Sorrentino

1st Annual CEP East Coast Symposium
You asked for it, so here it is! This Newest One-Day Event in Equity Compensation is modeled after the Annual CEP Symposium at Santa Clara University and is sure to quickly become the Best One Day Event in Equity Compensation on the East Coast. Join the CEPI for the inaugural East Coast Symposium on July 29, 2016 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The CEPI has partnered with the Executive and Professional Education Center at Rutgers to bring you a full day of content and networking dedicated to the equity compensation profession.

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Joseph Sorrentino’s section:
A Ride Like No Other – Create a Course That Drives Performance For Your Employees
During this session, client issuers, industry consultants, and service providers will review common practices with the design and composition of performance award programs. We will discuss the basics of performance plans and also highlight trends and benchmarking including performance period lengths, payouts, and performance metric tracking (e.g. Cumulative EPS, Sales Growth, Relative TSR). We will examine the various designs based on CEO level programs as well as broad based programs. The client issuers on the panel will also share their performance plan designs, including who receives performance awards, grant timing, company metrics, expensing methods and future strategy design considerations.

Panelists: Casey Martinez (Prudential), Juliette McKay (Genpact), Joseph Sorrentino (Steven Hall & Partners), Craig Rubino (E*TRADE)