Steven Hall & Partners | Executive Compensation Consultant FAQs

Yes, we are completely independent executive compensation consultants.  We only provide consulting services related to executive compensation, Director remuneration and related corporate governance matters.

We believe our competitive advantage stems from the following tenets. Each of these items contributes to our ability to provide our clients with the best possible counsel.

  • Focus – Our practice focuses solely on the compensation issues related to senior level executives and the Board.
  • Experience – Each of our senior Partners has been engaged in consulting in this area for over 30 years.
  • Work Style – Senior consultants fully engaged in data review, analysis and development of recommendations.
  • Expertise – Strong technical background in areas of accounting, tax and SEC regulations.
  • Creativity – Based on experience and a deep understanding of current issues, rules and trends.
  • Independence – Our revenues are generated from only three areas of consulting related to senior executives and Board members.  We provide no other products or services.
  • Reputation – Our Firm is active in the organizations that are addressing today’s issues and our principals have served on Blue Ribbon commissions dealing with compensation topics for executives and Directors.
  • Responsiveness – Through our team approach, our Firm is able to respond immediately to unanticipated client needs that may arise.

We believe that our clients choose us for four significant reasons:

  • First, our consulting practice is conducted solely in the area of executive compensation and related governance matters.  By focusing totally on this critical and complex segment of the human resources arena, we are able to provide our clients with the highest-quality expertise and best counsel available on a practical basis;
  • Second, all of our assignments are staffed by partners, recognized senior professionals and seasoned consultants who bring their in-depth experience and proven judgment to each client assignment we undertake; these experts are backed by a staff of experienced analysts and researchers;
  • Third, each recommendation is individually tailored to Board and Committee policy direction, the business strategy, goals and specific needs of each organization and its executive group; and
  • Fourth, we serve a select number of valued clients with whom we establish long-term relationships.  Our goal is well-considered counsel, quality execution and successful completion of assignments, serving our client’s best interests on a timely basis.

We serve clients of varying size in a wide variety of industries.  While we recognize that competitive practices are different among industries, we also believe that one size does not fit all, and that well-designed compensation programs should be tailored to the specifics of each client situation, rather than just follow industry trends.  We are leery of industry generalizations that might serve to “pigeon hole” companies by industry into programs that are not best suited to their individual facts and circumstances.  Rather, we believe that companies should design compensation programs that best attract, retain and motivate executives to execute the company’s business plan, taking into account the personalities of the executives involved and the corporate culture of the organization.  This may involve searching for the best ideas of other industries to gain a competitive advantage in attracting/retaining and motivating executives.