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2017 Say on Pay Voting Results   | As of May 19, 2017: 1,457 companies have held Say on Pay Votes in 2017 Average vote 92% For 7% Against 1% Abstain 77% of companies received greater than 90% "For" votes 9 companies have failed [read more]

Target CEO Compensation Up +7% Among 2017 Early Proxy Filers   | In a first look at CEO pay levels in 2016, target CEO total compensation among 100 early proxy filers grew +7% in 2016 to a median $7.7 million.  When actual annual bonus and long-term cash payouts are substituted for the target amounts, compensation growth equaled [read more]

2017 Say on Frequency Vote Results   | 2017 represents the second time most companies are required to include a Say on Frequency vote in proxy statements. As of April 14, 2017: 166 companies have held Say on Frequency votes in 2017 Companies and shareholders have overwhelmingly been in favor of an annual [read more]

Webcast: Rollbacks, Tweets and Engagement: The New Agenda for Executive Compensation   | Webcast

2016 Say on Pay Voting Results   | As of December 31, 2016: 2,925 companies held Say on Pay votes in 2016 47 companies have failed with an average 57% ‘Against’ vote 71% of companies have received a greater than 90% ‘For’ vote Average vote among all companies 90.0% ‘For’ vote 8.7% ‘Against’ vote [read more]