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Chronicle of Philanthropy: Why Gender Gap in Nonprofit CEO Pay Just Might Be Closing   | Excerpt: Women may be benefiting from increased awareness about gender-pay inequities. Massachusetts and California recently passed fair-pay laws that require compensation transparency for employers, and other states are considering similar legislation. The Internal Revenue Service’s recent commitment to releasing nonprofit tax filings in machine-readable format [read more]

Bloomberg: Even Executive Pay Is Being Disrupted at Tech Giants Like Amazon   | by Anders Melin Excerpt: Paying in stock rather than cash helps boards align management rewards with performance and tying those grants to specific financial or operational milestones can reinforce that approach. Yet for businesses in hot industries like tech, boards may prefer plans that don’t [read more]

WSJ: CFO Pay Slips 1.5% as Pension Growth Slows   | By Alix Stuart Excerpt: This year’s major change was in the rate of pension growth. Pensions and deferred compensation, which are combined in proxy filings, grew by about half as much as they did in 2014, for the 134 companies in the group that listed [read more]

Bloomberg: These CEOs Could Earn Millions From Stock Awards Valued at Zero   | by Anders Melin Excerpt: As H Partners amassed stakes in amusement park operator Six Flags and Tempur Sealy, a mattress maker, and took seats on their boards, the companies adopted new pay-for-performance goals. They promised executives tens of millions of dollars for achieving ambitious targets, a [read more]

WSJ CFO Journal: Early Data Point to CFO Pay Hikes Last Year   | By Maxwell Murphy As proxy season gets under way, a sneak peek at the early filers reveals the median pay package for chief financial officers is on pace to have risen 8% last year to $2.1 million, according to compensation consulting firm Steven Hall & Partners [read more]