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2016 Director Compensation Study   | This represents Steven Hall & Partners’ eleventh annual study of compensation paid to non-employee directors.  Our review included 600 companies in the following three groups: Top 200 – 200 companies with the largest revenues in fiscal 2015 Mid Cap 200 – 200 companies included in [read more]

Unplugged: Institutional Shareholders on Executive Compensation   | The attention and focus of the institutional shareholder are only likely to increase. The role and influence of the shareholder community has been steadily evolving in the areas of governance and executive compensation and assessment of corporate performance. This has been highlighted by the arrival [read more]

Pay for the Top Executive at New York-Based Non-Profit Organizations   | Overview The Internal Revenue Service mandates that non-profit organizations pay reasonable compensation and imposes stiff penalties for those who fail to comply.  In its annual study of top executive compensation at New York-based non-profits, Steven Hall & Partners (SH&P) reviewed and analyzed pay and related [read more]

2016 Incentive Plan Practices: Aligning Executive Pay with Performance   | Based on access to data supplied by Main Data Group, Steven Hall & Partners recently completed a study of incentive compensation programs at just under 900 companies with revenues between $1 and $5 billion in the United States utilizing data from 2015 proxy statements (covering [read more]

Say-on-Pay: Maximizing Your Company’s Results   | Shareholder engagement has become the new ‘it’ topic in corporate governance and executive compensation circles and with good reason. While building strong relationships with shareholders can help companies successfully win shareholder votes on a range of issues, it has become a particular focus with regards [read more]