Steven Hall & Partners | How We Work

We create dedicated engagement teams for each of our clients.  Team members are chosen based on the industry and project needs of each client.  We believe that this team approach offers our clients the best expertise of our entire firm, rather than simply the best of one particular individual.

Each of our teams is managed by one of our senior partners.  These individuals are recognized and seasoned experts in the field who bring their in-depth experience and proven judgment to each client assignment.  Our lead consultants do not merely parachute in to deliver reports or attend Board meetings, but rather are actively involved in all aspects of the engagement.  They provide strategic and conceptual guidance for all projects completed on behalf of the client, analyze data and develop recommendations, and serve as the primary author of all client deliverables.  The lead consultant also serves as the primary point of contact for all client interactions.

For many engagements, lead consultants are assisted by a second senior consultant who serves as project leader and coordinates the data collection and analysis required to support the lead consultant’s recommendations.  This project leader is also fully briefed on all client matters and prepared to assist clients in the event that the lead consultant is temporarily unavailable.

These team leaders are supported by a cadre of consultants and analysts, all of whom are experienced and capable practitioners.

As needed, our engagement teams also rely upon in-house experts with specialized knowledge and expertise in areas such as ISS policies (both governance and new share requests) and negotiations with ISS staff, survey market pricing, 280G calculations, accounting and tax matters, CD&A drafting and responses to SEC comment letters, and technical design and drafting of incentive plans compliant with 162(m), 409A and ISS guidelines.

We tailor each of our recommendations to Board and / or Committee policy direction, as well as the business strategy, goals and specific needs of each client and its executive group.  We do not provide clients with “off the shelf” solutions.  In compensation, one size does not fit all.